Summit Street Bed & Breakfast Inns    420 Summit Street & 434 Summit Street    Winston-Salem, NC, USA

HOME    "This is the most sophisticated, elegant, and adult-oriented B&B in Winston-Salem, the kind that appeals to worldly business travelers and romantic couples."          Frommer's Guide  read full review

The spacious Exercise Room is the original dining room of the Sheppard House. It is the largest room of the two houses that comprise the Summit Street Bed & Breakfast Inns. The room has a fireplace, an eleven foot ceiling, large windows, beautiful solid oak wainscoting, ceiling fans, and a massive brass chandelier. The room is equipped with a phone and TV.   Your guest room telephone calls can be transferred to this phone.

This facility will impress the experienced body trainer and will offer the novice body trainer an introduction to serious exercise equipment.

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  • Nautilus AS 1500 Aerobic Stepper (programmable)

  • Nautilus AR 500 Aerobic Recumbent Bike (programmable)

  • Nautilus Time Machine (five-station exercise circuit)

  • Precor C964 Treadmill (programmable multi-speeds and multi-inclines/declines)

  • Smith Machine (with Olympic barbell and adjustable bench)

  • High/Low Pulley

  • Adjustable Incline Bench

  • Roman Chair (with grips for body dips)

  • 8-Pair Dumbbell Rack (5 lbs. to 40 lbs.)

  • Plate-loading Dumbbells

  • Plate-loading Easy-Curl-Bar

  • 15 lb. Body Bar

  • Reebok Adjustable Stepping Platform

  • Exercise Mat

The equipment is commercial grade and of the highest quality.